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Mini Cooper Special Edition 7 2017 Review

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Looking for something a bit special? Well Minis are certainly that. Not only does the brand have iconic British roots (greying slightly by now) but under the scalp they are prestige cars, made by BMW. They also  offer quirky, cutesy styling that is probably not going to be everybody’s cup of Earl Grey. They truly are a bit special, in several sense of the word.

What's even more special is this limited-edition Mini, which is part of a run of just 400 produced specifically for Australia. The Mini Seven package is available for the Mini 3-Door Hatch and 5-Door Hatch and at the time of publishing only a handful of cars were left at dealerships.

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So, what is a Mini Cooper Seven? And what’s the ‘Seven’ part all about? Is it worth the extra money? And just how special is it? We found out after piloting the 3-Door Mini Cooper Seven for a week.